Laura Wood 

Laura Wood was born in Ontario, Canada and received her BFA at the University of Waterloo. Today, Wood lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.

The motivating force behind Laura’s work is an investigation into image and perception. We tend to invest an uncritical faith in photography, accepting its’ documentation as an objective view of events. Laura’s work touches upon the ambiguities of texts, be they photographic, painterly or mnemonic, creating an encounter open to the viewers’ own interpretation.

Laura’s work eludes to a mythological underpinning onto which new narratives may be inscribed. Translated from photographic texts, the story is spoken as softly blurred , light lled paintings. Wood uses glazing techniques, creating layers which capture a rich glow of light and a depth of colour.

Laura’s work has been exhibited across Canada, in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, and is included in many collections such as the Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto & Dubai; The St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco; The Ritz-Carlton, Abu Dhabi; and Printemps Department Store, Paris.