Harley Valentine

Harley Valentine explores the intersection of modern technology, architecture, performance and sculpture, creating contemporary narratives in monumental works and immersive installations. Valentine won the prestigious Sony Centre for The Performing arts public art bid at the age of 28, his Dream Ballet installation would take 5 years to realize and now stands as a homage to The National Ballet of Canada in downtown Toronto.

Valentine often invites the role of performance, film and photography in the creation and presentation of his works, as seen in his 2014 short video project, "The Dance of The Dove", featuring a stop motion collage of a Canadian ballerina dancing around Valentine “Dove” sculpture.

Valentine employs 3D modelling and printing in the creation of his monumental works, developing sophisticated plastic maquettes, which Valentine considers as artworks themselves. This style of working from model to monument is profiled in the video From Model to Monument.

His sculptures and photo-sculptural works focus on the theme of collapse and the rebirth of civilizations, while questioning the constructs of a glorious, unattainable past.