Andrew Pink

Andrew Pink (b. 1974) creates meticulous and highly realistic paintings and drawings of everyday objects and locales that invite the audience to reconsider their assumptions about the utterly familiar.

After graduating from the Dawson College Fine Arts program, he attended Concordia University, specializing in painting and drawing. Andrew's work explores such contemporary issues as globalization, the environment, consumer culture, war and violence. Increasingly, he is interested in the concept of cultural spillover, whereby seemingly unrelated behavior can have influence over unexpected domains. Andrew's most recent work draws parallels between sport and militarism, combining hockey imagery with WWII propaganda art. Andrew has exhibited across North America and is represented in several corporate and private collections. 

Working primarily with oil on wood panel, Pink’s distinctly themed series frequently employ diptychs, triptychs and multi-work installations. “Each piece stands alone, but I prefer to think of them as acts in a play, there’s a conversation that emerges between them when taken as a whole.”

Over the past decade Pink spent time living in New York and Toronto before returning to his native Montreal.